Have you considered a WiFi-controlled neon RGB strip light?

Are you satisfied with the lighting in or around your home? In many homes, getting the lighting right can be a real challenge, especially if people with widely differing preferences are living in the property. Instead of fighting over your choice of light fittings and bulb intensity and who must get up to turn the light on or off, there is a better way. Why not invest in a WiFi-controlled neon RGB LED strip light? Fitting a WiFi-controlled light takes away much of the inconvenience associated with lighting and allows you to quickly adjust the lighting in any way that you wish. Here are two particular advantages of employing a WiFi-controlled neon RGB strip light.

You don't need to move

Whether the light is inside or outside your home, getting up to turn it on or off can sometimes be inconvenient. You might miss a crucial part of a film you are watching. Your movement might disturb others who are sharing the sofa with you. Alternatively, you might want to change the lighting in a room elsewhere in the house. Perhaps, you are walking from one room to another and want the light to be on at your destination so you can see where you are going? Maybe, you have just come downstairs and forgot to turn off the light before you came down? Using a WiFi-controlled neon RGB strip light allows you to turn the light on or off using an app on your smartphone, rather than entering the room and looking for the switch.

Completely configurable

With conventional lighting, it is usually either on or off. LEDs work differently, and you can set them to whatever level of intensity you prefer. If you want to relax quietly and watch television, you might want the lights set to low intensity. If you prefer to read, you might want the lights to be brighter, so you don't strain your eyes. With a WiFi-controlled neon RGB strip light, you can set the lights to whatever intensity you want. You may also be able to configure the hue of the lights or any other characteristic you want. All of these settings can be adjusted without going anywhere near the light, you might be lying in bed, visiting a friend, or on the other side of the world. As long as you have your smartphone and both you and your property have a WiFi connection, your location doesn't matter.

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