2 pieces of decor that every bar owner should buy

There are a couple of decorative items that every pub owner should get for their premises. Read on to find out more.

A WiFi-Controlled RGB LED Strip Light

If your pub has a dancefloor, a DJ station or a drinks display area behind the bar, then you should get at least one wifi-controlled RGB LED light strip. Strip lights like this can be stuck to any surface, such as the top of a drinks display shelf, the base of a DJ station or the ceiling above a dancefloor. These lights produce an array of bright, funky colours when they're switched on. Putting a few of these strips around the pub and turning down the main lights is a great way to create a fun, club-like atmosphere in a pub, which will its encourage customers to dance, work up a thirst and perhaps order a few more drinks for themselves. These light strips can also illuminate and showcase the collection of drinks the pub has available in a very attractive way.

Furthermore, because you can control these strips via their wifi connection, you can easily switch them off or change their settings from a distance; this could be very useful if you're busy behind the bar and want to switch on the light strip across the room without having to walk through a crowd of people or without having to leave your customers.  

Neon Letter Signs for the Pub's Bathrooms

Most pub owners would also benefit from another illuminating decorative accessory; a neon letter sign for each of their bathrooms. Like the aforementioned strip lights, these signs could serve as a funky and colourful addition to the pub's decor. However, they could also be a very practical purchase that could make life easier you and your staff.

Often, when customers are drinking, they'll usually need to use the bathroom at least once or twice. If the bathrooms signs are hard to see in the pub, every new customer who needs to use the facilities may end up approaching the pub staff to ask where they're located. Their questions could interrupt the staff whilst they're trying to serve other customers and just slow down the operations at the pub. If your pub plays loud music, these conversations might be even more difficult if the customer and staff can't hear or understand each other. In this situation, it could be very useful to have neon bathroom signs that are easy to spot, even in a darkened, crowded pub, as this would eliminate the need for customers to ask where they are.

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