Why German Dressage Horses Are Great for All Levels of Expertise

Dressage is not an easy event to get into, but for those that do find their way into this event, there is nothing more satisfying than a perfectly executed routine. Whether it is your first time or your one-thousandth time riding a dressage horse, there are certain qualities you should be looking for in an equestrian partner. For hundreds of years, German dressage horses have been viewed as the best option for anyone looking to compete in dressage, and that remains true to this day. Here are three reasons why German dressage horses are perfect for riders with any level of expertise. 

1. Excellent Fundamentals

If you are a beginner, the last thing you want to have to do is have a horse that is also an amateur. While that doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of thousands on a horse, it does mean you should look for horses that have a good horsing heritage. German dressage horses have often been trained and bred for generations to excel in this event, and therefore it is almost second nature to them now. Even very new German dressage horses have an understanding of the fundamentals, which is something you should be looking for no matter what level of expertise you are. 

2. Patient 

A horses temperament is very important when it comes to dressage, and many good looking horses end up failing at dressage because they simply do not have the patience for it. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands on a horse only to find that it will not follow instructions as needed. With German dressage horses, this is virtually never a problem, which means they will be a useful investment. 

3. Reputation for a Reason

If you look at most dressage events around the world, almost all of them are being won by riders on German dressage horses. While genetics and reputation aren't everything, German dressage horses usually provide the results that riders are looking for. If you want to actually compete and try to win, then a German dressage horse that has been raised in a dressage culture is a wise investment. If you just want to train and practice as a hobby, then you should still look for the horse that will take to it and follow commands gracefully.  

Regardless of your needs for the horse, there are a lot of options available to you. To learn more about German dressage horses, visit a supplier near you. 

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