3 Crucial Facets of the Stop the Drop Campaign

Currently, the world is trying hard to battle the COVID-19 pandemic that has so far claimed over 37,000 lives in Great Britain alone. Unfortunately, the fight is being hampered by a severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly face masks. Therefore, everybody must unite to help tackle the PPE shortage in the country. This is the objective of the Stop the Drop initiative, and it is open to local and international manufacturers, designers, engineers, and creatives. This article highlights critical facets of the Stop the Drop campaign you need to know as a creative.

1. Submit an Easy-to-Replicate Design

The Coronavirus gets into the human system via the nose, mouth and eyes. Therefore, the most effective way to keep the number of new cases down is to provide masks. Unfortunately, there is increased demand for face masks, considering that everyone from first responders and patients to healthy citizens needs more than one mask.

You can participate in this campaign by designing a mask that is easy to replicate by local manufacturers that do not have expensive manufacturing equipment or sophisticated design experience. The ripple effect of an easy-to-replicate face mask design is that it can be produced fast and in bulk, thereby managing the current shortage.

2. Readily Available Materials

Another crucial facet of the Stop the Drop campaign is the availability of materials used to produce faces masks. The reason health professionals are at an increased risk of getting infected is the shortage of face masks. Therefore, participants should consider designing simple face masks from everyday materials so crucial resources can be directed to the front line workers. For instance, a coffee filter is an everyday product that can be easily converted into a face mask. Not only is it lightweight, but it also allows for easy breathing since it is a filtration product. Notably, using readily available materials for your face mask design ensures that more units are directed towards first responders.

3. Open Source Initiative

One common characteristic among creatives and designers is the urge to protect their designs, and this is normal in business. However, the Stop the Drop initiative is a not-for-profit campaign; therefore, you should only participate if you do not mind your design being replicated by manufacturers all over the world. The primary objective of the campaign is to produce millions of face masks. Therefore, the fewer legalities organisers have to deal with regarding design ownership, the better. An open-source campaign structure makes this possible since more time is directed towards evaluating thousands of design entries to find the best one.  

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